If I cannot turn up for the lesson last minute or for whatever reason after I made payment, will there be a refund?

No, as we need to cover the cost of the venue and setup. But we will arrange a makeup lesson for you at a later time, subjected to the availability from both sides and the venue.

What are the acceptable payment modes for the course?

We accept all major credit card payment.

Can I use SkillsFuture credits to pay for the fees?

Unfortunately not at the moment, we are working on this in the meantime.

I encountered some errors when I was making the payment online.

If you did not receive the invoice or experienced any issues when making payment, kindly email us your name, contact no. for us to assist you.

Course Related

Will lesson notes be provided?

Yes, lesson notes will be provided. But if you prefer to take your own notes, please bring along your own notebook and writing pens.

Do I need to bring my laptop or tablet?

If you had signed up for the beginner course, you do not need to bring your laptop or tablet during the 1st lesson as there won't be any hands-on trading. Hands-on trading will be conducted on the 2nd lesson after you have created your trading account. The 1st lesson is to cover the fundamentals so that the correct foundation is established. Learners who would like to still bring their laptop/tablet for the 1st lesson, can still do so, as power-points will be provided. However, if you had signed up for the intermediate course, please bring along your laptop or tablet.

Will dinner be provided?

No, but there will be light refreshments as we understand some of you will be coming from work and may not had your dinner.

I would like to bring my laptop for the course, will there be power points available?

Yes, there will be power points available at the course venue.

Do I need to set aside a certain amount before I can attend the hands-on trading session of the beginner class?

Yes, in order to trade during the hands-on session, you would need to set aside a certain amount. However there is no fixed amount that you need to set aside. You may start with whatever amount you are comfortable with. Do note that the hands-on trading session is not compulsory.

Why do I need to take the pre-course survey before I can attend the course?

This is to help us assess your risk appetite and to better understand our learners before the course. The pre-course survey is not compulsory if learners prefer not to take them.

Cancellation Policy

Will I be refunded if the course is cancelled?

In the event that the course is cancelled due to any unforseen circumstances and we are unable to provide any replacement lesson, we will refund you 100% of the course fees.

Can I cancel my registration after I have made payment?

You may cancel the registration 14 working days before the course start date and we will refund you 90% of the course fee paid. We will be unable to refund you 100% as 10% of the course fee are part of the administrative fees. If the course is cancelled within 14 days before the course start date, there will be no refund.


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